PfingstCarillon 2017
International Carillon Festival June 3 - 5


Saturday, June 3
Carillonneurs from Eastern Europe


2 p.m.  

Anna Kasprzycka, Danzig, Poland

Classical works by Weiss and Szymanowski, carillon music by D’hollander

and Takahashi and popular music by Brubeck, Hupfeld, Jobim and Lauer


3 p.m.
Radek Rejšek, Prague, Czech Republic

Classical works by Bach, Dvořák, Fibich, Grandjany, Kuchař, Michna and Quantz

and folksongs, popular songs and improvisations by François and Revaux,

Gershwin, Ježek, Lennon and McCartney and Rejšek


4 p.m.
Olesya Rostovskaya, Moscow, Russia

Music from Russia: Classical works by Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff,

Rimsky-Korsakov and Tschaikowski, carillon music by Rostovskaya

and songs by Sheremetev, Sidorovich and Varlamov


Sunday, June 4

Carillonneurs from Belgium, England and France


2 p.m.
Trevor Workman, Bournville, England

Classical works by Albinoni, Chopin, Fiocco and Schubert,

Carillonmusik by Nees and popular music by Adams, Donaggio,

Ketèlbey, Porter and Webber


3 p.m.
Stefano Colletti, Douai, France

Music from France and Belgium: Classical works by Couperin, Fauré and Ravel

and carillon music by Colletti, D’hollander, Lannoy and Paulet


4 p.m.
Charles Dairay, Deinze, Belgium

Classical works by Ketèlby, Satie and Tárrega,

carillon music by Clerico, Courter, D’hollander, Nees and Zwart

and chansons by Aznavour, Barbara and Brel


Monday, June 5

Carillonneurs from Germany and the Netherlands

2 p.m.
Gijsbert Kok, The Hague, the Netherlands

Classical works by Bach, Gounod and Mozart

and carillon music by BergeijkŠikšnelytė and Son


3 p.m.
Boudewijn Zwart, Amsterdam and Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Classical works by Bach, Beethoven and Schubert,

carillon music by Groen, Terry and Zwart and popular music by Binge


4 p.m.
Jeffrey Bossin, Berlin, Germany

Music from the countries of the PfingstCarillon carillonneurs:

Classical works by Bach, Chopin, Dvorák, Mussorgsky and Satie

and carillon music by Badings, van den Gheyn and Skilbeck